Have you got emotional, physical or relationship issues that you would like to resolve without spending mega bucks?

Do you have anxiety? 

Do you want to get relief without traveling anywhere to do it?  

This program gets RESULTS fast!!!   It is designed for 15+ participants. We will have a 2 hour phone session on the same day and time for six consecutive weeks.  All calls are recorded and links to the replay are sent out the following day.  To get your money’s worth, the minimum requirement is to either be on the call or listen to the replay and spend 20 minutes each day learning basic EFT.  I will discuss EFT and several other techniques (Meditation, Journaling, Reading, Bryon Katie Work, and Personal Peace Process) on the first call, including how to use and the benefit of each. The more time you are willing to spend beyond the 20 minutes per day will exponentially increase the benefit you receive from participating.   

Some of the emotional issues we will tackle are anxiety, anger, grief, PTSD from your past or that you are experiencing right now.  Phobias, mild additions, (smoking or chewing tobacco), chronic physical pain, food cravings and how to achieve permanent weight loss are a few of the many issues these programs can address.  Then, learning how you can prevent more negative emotions going forward and learning how to have peace in your life, regardless of your external circumstances. Do you want to create better relationships?  By using discernment, boundaries and communication, you will move forward and remove any blocks to successful personal and business relationships.  

What’s more, you will be left with tools that you can use the rest of your life and share with family and friendsThe program fee is $495 and can transform your life. The marvelous thing about this work is that each person can work on different issues at the same time, without revealing their issue.  

It will be one of the best investments in personal growth that you have ever made. 

 “Deadline for registration is one week prior to start of your program and if less than 15 people are registered then your money will be refunded that day.  All program times are in US Central Time Zone (Chicago)”


Don talks about the program